Check Lists & Forms

Below are a number of checklists and SAR incident forms. The KISAR board has adopted these checklists to ensure adherence to professional standards for KISAR membership.  Real-time documentation of SAR incidents helps organize and streamline the response.


Ground Search Standards – KISAR members should be fully capable to respond to “off road-system” SAR operations. We achieve this level of readiness through ongoing training.

Ground search members are required to have a ready 24 hour pack.

Individual minimum 24-Hour Pack Gear List – Suggested gear list for members who will deploy off the road system, and may need to operate without support for up to 24 hours.


Training Member Standards – Initial membership level in KISAR which allows you to participate in field training events. _____________________________________________________________

Support Member Standards – Support members are eligible to participate in  “road system” based operations only. They perform valuable tasks, but are not placed into more hazardous situations.

The required SARTech III course is available online. Talk to a KISAR member to borrow a copy of the textbook.


Mountain Rescue Standards – This is an additional level of certification, above ground search, with an emphasis on high-angle rigging systems and alpine travel. KISAR has developed a pdf version of the KISAR Technical Rope Guide. Individual images of the rigging guide can be downloaded and stored on a mobile device for easy reference. KISAR often uses the Skedco “Sked” roll-up litter for patient transportation, and the instructions for use can be found in this pdf document.

In addition to extensive practical training, members interested in performing in the mountain rescue role will need the following individual equipment.

* Appropriate winter clothing, gloves, goggles, etc…
* 10 Essentials, including food, water and headlamp
* Crampon compatible mountaineering boots with crampons
* Ice axe and helmet
* Climbing harness and;
– Belay device with “pear-style” carabiner
– 5 non-locking and 4 locking carabiners
– 6mm prussic cord, lengths 4′, 6′, 12′, 25′ cordallette
– double shoulder sling
– pulley optional/recommended
– purcell prussic optional/recommended


IRIC- Initial Response Incident Commander

Below are a number of forms and instructions for initiating a search response and then organizing and documenting  the workflow:

Start here for a detailed SAR response workflow: Incident Response Checklist

Check-in/check-out personnel list: ICS-211p Form
Incident Briefing Instructions: ICS-201 Instructions
Incident Briefing Form: ICS-201n PDF Form and  ICS-201n Word Doc
Search and Rescue Debriefing Form: ICS-204b PDF Form and ICS-204b Word Doc
Lost person questionnaire for SAR: Lost Person Questionaire
The full text of the Initial Response Incident Commander booklet that goes into great detail to outline search leadership and incident management: IRIC Book (2nd Edition)