Oct wilderness first aid refresher

We had a great wilderness first aid refresher course. Over two days we learned more about patient assessments focusing on start to finish details. We also covered patient packaging and how to safely transport patients.

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Sept. 29 Taining

Joint training with the USCG was canceled due to operations the hilo crew had overnight. Instead a scenario was set up where KISAR received a call from a hiker who was injured in the Fort Ambercrombie State park. Members were split into two groups and had to locate the subject, asses his condition, and extract him from the park.

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Saturday Orienteering at Termination Point

KISAR members Participated in an Orienteering and area search training at Termination Point. The training focused on using a combination GPS and map/compass to navigate to points of interest, practicing critical separation searches for clues, and in-field team management.

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Orienteering and Search Navigaton

Orienteering and search navigation training will be led by Philip at Termination point Saturday Sept 15th. Meet at Bayside firehall at 9:00am. Duration 5-6hrs.

Members will navigate a course set out using a combination of GPS and maps. Members will also practice search tactics/clue finding.

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Rope training with John Sikes


John Sikes led KISAR members through high angle lowering and raising of a litter. Members set up a main line and a belay line, packaged Dicky in the litter and lowered him with an attendant. Then members set up a 5 to 1 system for raising the litter back up. Focus was on new techniques John had learned and team communication during an event.

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KISAR Meeting

This Thursday  there will be a board meeting at 6:30pm and a general membership meeting at 7:00pm at Bayside fire hall.

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Rigging For Rescue

John Sikes recently completed an intensive rigging for rescue class and will be sharing what he learned this month. Keep an eye on the calendar and your emails so you don’t miss this training.

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Overnight training on Three Sisters

Training on Three Sisters: A mock call out for a missing person last seen at the ITN trail head. After a briefing members were split into three teams each taking a different rout to the middle sister. Teams then camped in the north bowl with foggy damp conditions. In the morning teams swept the area practicing critical separation using GPS and paper maps for clues that had been placed. Once all clues had been found teams hiked out.

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KISAR Meeting, Thursday July 19th

Meeting at Bayside firehall at 7:00pm

John Cry (a biologist with ADF&G) will give a bear safety talk with emphasis on back country and camping awareness.

Dicky will detail the July 21-22 planned overnight exercises.

All members are encouraged to attend, non-members who are interested in search and rescue are welcome.

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Wilderness First Aid

A great class with Deb Ajango! Two days of learning how to deal with emergencies in the field, and how to recognize if it’s a “BIG” deal or a “little” deal.

Learning to clean and bandage cuts

Have to get those cuts clean!

How to improvise a forearm splint.

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