Aug 16th KISAR Call Out

Two KISAR members responded to a callout on August 16th, for a hunter in distress. You can read more details at the link below. The Kodiak Daily Mirror site is behind a paywall.

” James Brooks / Kodiak Daily Mirror

    KODIAK — What started as an Alaska hunting adventure ended in an unexpected helicopter ride for 25-year-old Daniel Mangum and his brother Alex, a Coast Guardsman stationed at Air Station Kodiak.

On Tuesday, the two and a third brother were descending from Barometer Mountain when they separated and Daniel became trapped among two ravines and thick brush.

After trying in vain to reach Daniel, Alex descended the mountain and contacted Coast Guard police. They passed the …”

Click here to read the entire article

About kisar1986

Kodiak Island Search & Rescue (KISAR) is a non-profit organization whose objectives are exclusively charitable, scientific or educational. Specifically, our purposes are: To furnish highly trained volunteers and dog teams for search and rescue for the benefit and welfare of the community To organize and support the continuing education and training of volunteers, dog teams and support personnel in accepted search and rescue methods. To increase public awareness of search and rescue trained volunteers and dog teams and provide informational and educational programs and demonstrations to institutions, agencies and community organizations.
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